Injury Prevention and
Optimal Performance

ComplexCore+ helps you plan training and therapy sessions by assisting you in viewing and selecting exercises. In addition, ComplexCore+ offers theoretical and practical content. The theoretical section contains basic information about functional anatomy, detailed content about training examples and sport science principles such as screening and motor skills testing. The practical section provides a systematic overview of over 3000 various exercises.


ComplexCore+ offers a holistic approach to the training of the core, upper body and lower body. It is designed for clients, recreational athletes, or elite level athletes. ComplexCore+ presents systemized and goal oriented variations of exercises. ComplexCore+ provides support through the planning and the selection of exercises in training and therapy.


ComplexCore+ offers a range of theoretical and practical approaches.

In the theoretical section, you will find basic knowledge of functional anatomy related to the fundamentals of training and sports medicine, as well as movement screening (i.e. motor skills tests).

In the practical section, you will receive a detailed and systematic overview of over 3000 various exercises.


ComplexCore+ is focused on three objectives:
  • 1. The core
    The mobility and stability of the core serves as a vital link between the arms and legs. It serves as the central protective unit from external forces as well as the fundamental strength generator for complex and highly strenuous full body movement.
  • 2. The arms and legs
    First the mobility and stability of the extremities is approached using a joint by joint philosophy. The subsequent learning of complex physical exercises and movement competencies then becomes possible using multi-joint movement patterns.
  • 3. Functional training
    Combined exercises that activate the core, arm and leg muscles in a coordinated fashion, in order to accomplish a specific task.


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