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Screenings in therapy and sports

Screenings provide relevant information about strengths and weaknesses of a patient/athlete and support a targeted training to improve the musculo-skeletal fitness, cardio-vascular fitness and more.

Test & Training


Many years of basic and specific training are required to achieve peak performance or a significant performance increase. However, this “tip of the iceberg” requires a stable foundation, a good and balanced base. This includes mobility, flexibility, stability, strength, coordination and proprioception. ComplexCore offers support to athletes and teams on all levels to detect their strengths and weaknesses in BASICS as well as SPECIFICS.

Performance - Specifics - Training

The ComplexCore team provides the following services:

The muscle function screening contains several therapeutical tests to detect individual strength and weaknesses in:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Proprioception

The ComplexCore25 screening contains 25 basic tests to detect individual strength and weaknesses in:

  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Proprioception

This screening can be performed easily and fast with a larger group of athletes and therefore often used by sports teams.

Functional tests to detect weaknesses in the core area with the main focus on “muscular balance”:

  • Ventral core muscles
  • Dorsal core muscles
  • Lateral core muscles

The body fat measurement is a very useful parameter for health and fitness. Measurements will be taken by Caliper method and bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Lactate ramp tests are standard procedures in high performance sports and provide information on the aerobic capacity and individual lactate thresholds for targeted endurance training. Low intensity basic endurance is directly related to performance, recovery after high intensity loads and injury prevention.

In-training controls of the intensity by lactate measurements.

All test results will be evaluated and the individual training topics will be defined.

According to the test results, the individual exercises will be selected.

Our exercise recommendations will be implemented in the client´s daily routine, as a part of the athlete´s warm up or as a separate training session.

Our ComplexCore+ team supports athletes and teams with basic and specific training sessions during training camps or regularly through the year.

For more information or other questions, please contact: office@complexcore.at