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Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)

Tereza Novakova

Tereza Nováková, PhD., Head of the Physiotherapy Deparment, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport: „Team ComplexCore has already offered workshops several times to physiotherapy students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University in Prague. Their workshops are a linking of functional principles that can connect physiotherapy procedures in injury prevention and eventually physiotherapy-training procedures leading to a full return to sports performance and daily activities for each individual.“

FIAS (International Sambo Federation)

Michal Buchel

Michal Buchel, CEO: „Since 2020 the International SAMBO Federation in collaboration with ComplexCore prepared unique on-line and on-site educational training programme for athletes and athletes support personnel to reduce the risk of injuries and reinforced the return to competition as part of its strategic plan. The ComplexCore combines the fields of sports medicine, sports science, physiotherapy, and training for high performance athletes…”

Coaches Academy (Cologne, Germany)

Frank Wieneke

Frank Wieneke, Olympic Champion, Olympic Coach: „The Coaches Academy of the German Olympic Sports Confederation in Cologne is central to education and further education programs in competitive and high-performance sports in Germany and moreover one of the key spots for coaching with Europe and the world. Starting in 2010 ComplexCore with Roman Jahoda and his team have become an inherent part of our education for coaches in high-performance sports…”