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FIAS (International Sambo Federation)

Michal Buchel, CEO

„Since 2020 the International SAMBO Federation in collaboration with ComplexCore prepared unique on-line and on-site educational training programme for athletes and athletes support personnel to reduce the risk of injuries and reinforced the return to competition as part of its strategic plan. The ComplexCore combines the fields of sports medicine, sports science, physiotherapy, and training for high performance athletes. FIAS sees this collaboration as opportunity for all its members to enhance their knowledge and prepare safe environment on field of play. During 2021, FIAS and ComplexCore held unique educational online training, in which about 1,000 SAMBO coaches and athletes from all over the world participated. Following years, during the FIAS World Championships, the athletes and athletes support personnel had opportunity to join seminars and received general individual recommendations for improving the training process. Based on the specifics of the SAMBO technique, the ComplexCore specialists paid attention to the specific muscle groups necessary for martial art. Among other things, attention was paid to fixing solid hands and arms for gripping, supporting muscles and ligaments for throwing, stretching, and compensating for a successful recovery. We are extremely pleased with the collaboration and looking forward to strengthening our partnership, so much beneficial to our sporting community.“